How do I add a property?

Log in to your account.
On the left side of the page, click Property List under Management.
Click on the blue Add button to the right of the page.
Enter your property's street address, select your address from the list of suggested addresses, and click Next.
Provide some basic property details and click Next.
Provide room details and click Next. (If you have more than one room, click the green Add button to another room.)
Select all amenities that apply to your property and click Next.
Click on the blue Add button, enter an iCal URL, calendar name, select a display color, and click Save. When finished adding iCals, click Next.
Click on the green Browse button and upload photos of your property. When finished, click Next.
Provide details regarding nightly price, fees, tax, and discounts. When finished, click Next.
Provide details regarding minimum nights stay, check-in/out times, reservation preferences, etc. When finished, click Next.
Select a few points of interest that you want to highlight around your property, and click Next.
You're on the Complete page, this page will give your property a grade determined by the amount of detail provided. Click Edit and provide more detail where it may be lacking. When satisfied, click Finish.

You're always free to make any changes or provide more details after completing the initial listing process.
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